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A guide for engineered stone countertops

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With time and the increasing attention being paid to environmentally friendly materials, it is no surprise that the same has been done for kitchen and bathroom countertops. The engineered stone countertops are an environmentally friendly substitute for stone countertops. These engineered stones are crushed stone, often pure marble or granite, mixed with an adhesive to form slabs. Sometimes the material is simply called quartz instead of engineered stone. This is because of the high amounts of quartz crystals present in them.

Due to its various benefits and eco-friendly nature, engineered stones are gaining popularity day by day. They are highly preferred by the clients due to the countless qualities they offer. Here is everything you need to know about engineered stone countertops.

Why do engineered stones make good countertops?

Unlike other countertop materials such as plastic laminate, engineered stones are astonishingly heat resistant. They are not temperature sensitive. Therefore, they are highly unlikely to catch fire. Not only that, but engineered stone countertops are also stain resistant. They will resist coffee or wine stains unlike many natural stones. This makes them very easy to maintain too.

They are extremely strong and durable in nature. At the same time, they offer a very attractive look for your kitchen or bathroom. They are unlikely to collect bacteria since they are non-porous materials. They also come in a variety of sizes, colors and patterns to fit your needs. You can also get ones looking exactly like natural stone. The biggest advantage of all is that they prevent natural resources from depletion. Lastly, many workers have experience with engineered stone, so they are also able to install the countertops properly.

What are the disadvantages of engineered stone countertops?

While engineered stones do not have many cons, they do have one disadvantage. That is that it is not that easy to make curves with engineered stones. However, there are many different designs you can make with them. Keep in mind that anything you can make with natural stones can be made with engineered stones and better.

There is one more disadvantage to using engineered stones. Because they offer so many benefits, engineered stones are slightly more expensive. However, while it may cost more than plastic laminate or a few other materials, it still costs less than a lot of natural stones, such as white marble.

Why are engineered stone countertops expensive?

When you opt for engineered stones, you are not only going for its ability to copy any look, but you are also going for its added benefits. It offers a better performance and a longer life as compared to other countertop materials. However, this does not mean that all engineered stones are super expensive. Some patterns or colors may be, but there are many shades and designs in engineered stones that are absolutely affordable.

Given that, those stones that cost more are also expensive due to its countless benefits. Take marble for example. Marble is not only expensive, but also provides limited benefits. With an engineered stone, you can get a countertop that looks like marble but at a cheaper cost. Not only that but is also provides more benefits as compared to marble itself. Therefore, you are provided with various options without having to worry about its performance.


Who does not like the look of their choice with extra benefits to offer? With engineered stone tops, you can get the look of a natural stone or a sleek, modern countertop along with countless advantages. The only disadvantage it has is that curves are harder to create with them. But good countertop replacement companies Potomac will be able to help you out with that.


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