Enjoy Camping But Don’t Let Allergies Bother You

Whether it’s summer season or you just wanted to unwind from the city noise and stress from work or school, camping out has always been one of the best escapes ever. Either with family, friends, with your special someone, or just with yourself exploring nature, your camping trip will definitely become unforgettable. But what if you’re suffering from stubborn allergies that attack anytime. Don’t let it ruin your moment with nature. With the help of your allergy doctor, you will always be given tips and medication on how to prevent any of your allergic reaction from bothering you again.

Tips On Making A Carefree Camping

Always Be Ahead

There are always options in enjoying the things you love doing, especially if this will be for your own well-being and peace of mind. So being prepared ahead of time will greatly help you enjoy every trip that you are planning. With the proper guidance and recommendation of your allergy doctor, you will definitely not worry about any allergy attacks during your trip. Just always make sure that your medications are complete and should always have spare.

Do an Ocular Research

Find out the location and surrounding area of your camping site. Make a list of the important details and landmarks of your possible location. Know the nearest hospital, pharmacy, or allergy clinic as well as their contact details.

Bring a Safe Tent

When it’s safe, it means it is hypoallergenic. You can find and purchase a tent that is allergy-free. Make sure to keep it clean and secure whenever you leave the site and during night time before you go to bed. Just make sure you have enough ventilation inside. This is to prevent any allergens from sneaking in while you sleep.

Study Your Camp Site

The moment you have reached your camping destination, pick a spot which does not have any signs of allergens like grass, flowers or plants that may cause an allergic reaction. If your group is planning to have a campfire or there is a campfire site near your tent see to it that you stay away from it or you have a protective mask with you just to avoid the smoke from entering your lungs that will soon cause irritation.

Camping With Kids

If you are going to a camp with kids that is also prone to allergy, make sure that they also have their medications and inhaler just in case an allergy attack happens. Bring a bug spray with you to prevent any insect allergies from happening. Keep them away from any insects such as wasp, bees or any flying species to avoid any possible stings from the wild.

Bring Safe Food

Since you know what you are allergic about, may it be in food or not, bringing healthy and allergy-safe meals and snacks during your camp is still highly advised. It will be extra enjoyable that you and your pact enjoy that camping moment along with good, safe food and drinks and not worrying about getting any allergic reaction from it.

Treat It as a Cure Too

Experts suggest that being out in the wilderness can also prevent allergies from attacking and spreading. They also believe that being exposed to nature can make allergy-prone kids and adults feel like they are normal and forget about their allergy condition. It is an experience that you should not be scared of doing. In fact, camping greatly shows more advantages for children with severe allergic conditions. It gives them the opportunity to run and play like normal kids. Allowing them to explore nature is also a way of curing them just like the effect of the beach on those with asthma conditions.

Just because you have an allergy means you are restricted to do anything you wanted. NO. It is still best to go out of your comfort zone and delve into the things that you might be missing. Don’t let your allergies control you and dictate to you what you should do and where should you go. For as long as you are making a regular visit with your allergist specialist Germantown VA or any trusted and certified allergist near you, you can go beyond your limits and no one, not even your allergies can hold you back. You will never know what cure nature has for allergies but the experience you are about to have is something really priceless.

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