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Quartz Kitchen Countertops And Other Easy To Maintain Units

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When people install kitchen countertops, their biggest worry is how to maintain them. Are you one of the people that don’t like working with difficult to maintain countertops? Here are some of the best ones that you should go for:


Quartz countertops make excellent pieces for the kitchen and bathroom. Quartz kitchen countertops come from different brands including silestone, Compaq, handstone, and cesarstone. The countertops are loved by many people as they are beautiful to look at and easy to maintain.

The cool thing is that the countertops don’t stain; therefore, you don’t have to worry about them looking ugly after a few uses. When you take good care of the countertops, they last for a long time.


It’s a top choice for a lot of people as its often very durable. Since its dense, it tends to be highly resistant to stains and bacteria. It’s also unaffected by heat; therefore, you can comfortably install it in the kitchen without worrying about it being affected by the heat.

Since you are looking for a unit that is very easy to maintain, all you need to keep soapstone clean is to wipe it with a mild soap and water.

While the countertops are easy to maintain, their main flaw is that they tend to develop a darker patina over time. They also tend to scratch or chip if you aren’t keen when placing pots on them.


Laminate has many great features: it’s affordable, comes in plenty of colors and patterns, and not to forget, it’s extremely easy to maintain. The solid surface of the countertop is nonporous which makes it very easy to clean.

When you install it, you don’t need to worry about sealing or refinishing like other countertops in the market.

Compared to the other pieces in the market, laminate countertops are affordable; therefore, even when it gets damaged, you don’t need to worry too much as you can easily replace it without incurring a huge cost.

Eco top

This is a bamboo and paper composite that has a number of great features: its scratch resistant, stain proof, durable, and doesn’t discolor over time. When it gets dirty, it’s extremely easy to clean. All you need to do is to wipe it with a soapy sponge and you will be good to go.

While the countertops are easy to maintain, you should note that you will have to take good care of the sacrificial layer that makes the countertops durable. The best way of doing it is buffing and resealing it every three months to three years.

The frequency at which you do it depends on wear and use.

Recycled glass

The material hasn’t been around for a long time thus many people don’t know about it. Recycled glass countertops are made from crushed glass that has been embedded in a clear resin.

The resulting surface is often smooth and nonporous. Due to this, the surface is easy to clean. Recycled glass is also very attractive and at the same time highly resistant to stains and heat. Unlike laminate and other materials in the market, you don’t need to seal these countertops.

Stainless steel

It’s an extremely easy to maintain material. When you install it, you don’t need to undertake any sealing or refinishing. All you need to do is to clean it with a mild soap.

You should install the countertops in the kitchen or bathroom as they don’t easily stain from juice, food, or facial cleansers. Stainless steel is also heat resistant; therefore, you don’t need to worry about placing hot pots and pans on it.

For the bathroom countertops, you don’t need to worry about placing hot hair tools on it. There are plenty of brands you can buy from, the most common ones being: Elkay, Aero, Elkay, John Boos and many others. You only need to buy the one that is ideal for you.

Which one is right for you?

If you are installing the countertops for the first time, you should get the input of an experienced professional. When undertaking countertop replacement NC, install units that have been around for a long time and look good for your kitchen or bathroom.

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