What should you know before buying the first vape?

Vaping for newcomers can be a little overwhelming since there are so many choices to choose from. For instance, 510 threaded battery vapes have become quite popular now. Still, people often do not which type of vape to choose and what will suit them the best. There are different types of vapes such as regulated and unregulated box mod, vape pens, pod vapes etc. This can very easily confuse a person into buying the wrong kind of vape for themselves.

Buying your first vape ever

Of course, there is no wrong type of vape. But people often find out that the vape they bought is not the right fit for them. If you are new to vaping, this article will hopefully help you buy your first vape.

Box mod

Box vape is a type of a vaporizer that requires a large battery. They are box like in shape and lasts longer than vape pens. Box mods have several advantages as compared to other type of vapes.

Battery life

More batteries can be included in the box mod due to its internal space. The more the battery power, the longer will it last. Moreover, due to more battery power, it also gives a better performance.

Vapor production

With more battery power comes other advantages such as higher cloud production. This is highly preferred by people who like having control over their vapor production per hit.


As mentioned earlier, box mod allows a better control over vapor production per hit. It comes with different settings that allow the user to set their vape mod as per their preference. This gives the user better control over the glycerin based e-juice vapors with maximum satisfaction.

There are two types of box mods: regulated box mod and unregulated box mods. They different in the type of circuit board hence the name regulated and unregulated. Regulated box mods ensure the user’s safety by not firing in case of a defect.

A lot of users prefer this because it gives leaves them with lesser responsibility when it comes to looking after the device to ensure safety. Moreover, they also allow easy temperature and wattage control through their settings. On the other hand, a lot of users prefer unregulated box mods that do not prevent a fire in case of a malfunction. Unregulated box mods can be built using an unlimited amount of batteries.

Vape pens

Vape pens are a type of vaporizers that are more compact. They get their name from their pen like shape. Vape pens come with their own advantages just like box mods. They are much easier to use due to their compact shape. Their smaller size also results in their lower price and increases convenience as compared to a box mod. They are also powered by a battery.

They are lighter, cheaper and easier to use. If you want to be able to carry around your vaporizer easily, you should buy vape pens. They are small enough to fit in your pockets. However, vape pens do make smaller clouds and are less durable as compared to a box mod.

Pod vapes

Just like vape pens, pod vapes are much more convenient to handle due to their smaller size as compared to a box mod. The difference between pod vapes and box mods is that a box mod uses an atomizer while a pod vape uses a pod.

However, pod vapes work the same way as a box mod. Just like vape pens, they are cheaper, portable, easier to use, compact and discreet. However they do have smaller batteries and their cloud production isn’t as good. Though, most vape enthusiasts prefer Pod vapes that have 510 thread batteries due to better performance.

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