Treatment Of Bruxism

Sleep disorder clinics plays a major role in providing treatment for sleep disorders which were not getting much attention previously. Thanks to their hard work and researches that today we are able to cope with such diseases and disorder much easily.

Diagnosis of Sleep disorder

In case of bruxism, you doctor needs to diagnose it properly before starting any treatment as it is really not alarming if you grind your teeth sometimes. However, the damage can be serious if it is getting severe or you notice grinding your teeth much frequently.

So when you visit a sleep clinic, your doctor would first ask some common questions like the occurrence of bruxism, its frequency, your medical history, family background and your answers would diagnose if it needs proper treatment or you just need some changes in your life style. While your doctor might ask you to note down some sleep patterns for two weeks or lesser or you can go for polysomnogram study. It will chart your brain waves, heart beat and breathing as you sleep. It will also monitor your body movements and detect if you have any other sleep disorder. Though this study is rarely used in bruxism detection but greatly helpful for diagnosing any sleep disorders.

Treatment of sleep disorder

Usually bruxism is found in children which goes away as they reach adulthood. While it stays persistent, then sleep disorder clinics have different types of treatment which can be used as per your diagnosis.

Emotional Management

If the reason of bruxism is diagnosed as stress and anxiety, then you might need some therapies for emotional management. For instance, you can adopt meditation in your regular routine or get professional counselling to control anxiety issues. Also, you may practice some exercise to change your behavior towards things that irritate you. While you may also contact your dentist to prescribe you some best exercises for mouth and jaw to overcome bruxism.

Treatment of Other Medical Issues

If your doctors conclude that bruxism is associated with some other medical problems then you will have to see alternates for that issue. Normally bruxism goes away with treating associated medical issues. For instance, if it is causing as a side effect of some medicine then your doctor might replace it with some other drug. In other case, your doctor might diagnose another medical problem which needs to be treated and bruxism will go away then.

Behavioral Changes

You can be advised for some behavioral changes when you visit sleep disorder clinics as it will greatly help you overcome many of your sleep disorders including bruxism. For instance, you could be asked to listen to music which will help you in reducing your stress levels or you could be told to stop consuming alcohol or caffeinated beverages at least three hours before sleeping. You can also make some efforts yourself for improving your bruxism state like you can practice early sleeping every day or ask your partner to help you in keeping record so you may consult your doctor with proper results. You can also schedule your regular dental check-ups which is the best way to tell you about the progress of bruxism treatment.

Dental Treatment

Though it does not treat bruxism as such but it may help you a lot to protect your teeth from being victim of bruxism. That is why many sleep clinics recommend to see your dentist if you are having this disorder. As per the severity of damage you have caused to your teeth, your dentist will use a crown to make chewing process easy for you. Or your dentist would use splints and mouth guards which will provide protection to your teeth from grinding and clenching. He will help you to fix these guard in your upper and lower teeth area.


When all of above ways do not give satisfactory results then medication is the last option to go for treating bruxism. Although sleep clinics MD does not appreciate medicines for treating bruxism as they are not that much effective or you might be missing out some other associated problem. But if it is only left option, then you can use some muscle relaxants for a course of short time or you can take Botox injection which is used to treat severe cases of bruxism.

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