Remove Doubts and Worries with Drain Pipe Inspection with Camera

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If you are unsure whether or not there is something wrong with the plumbing system of your house, a drain pipe inspection with camera can take away your doubts and worries. Through this kind of inspection, you can expect to identify some common problems that might be difficult to identify otherwise.

Grease Buildups

Grease and fats, or long chain fatty acids, are among the primary culprits behind clogged pipes. Most homes don’t have interceptors or grease traps put in place to stop such long term buildups. This is why homeowners usually rely on the usual homemade tricks and tips. However, there are times when the clog can get so serious that it needs to be dealt with by the experts. Cameras will be able to find the exact location of such buildups.

Root Intrusion

Different trees like maples tend to have extensive root systems which naturally grow to the sewer lines that are actually rich in water and nutrients alike. The roots can then get into the pipes, and form into thick masses. It can cause the pipes to end up highly pressurized and congested, which can lead to possible buildups. The use of cameras will help find these roots to help in their proper removal, such as using an auger or snake. Paring the use of camera with chemical root control formula is a killer combination.


Depending on your house’s location, it is also possible for foreign products like large rocks to find their way into your sewer lines. Obviously, there is no way for you to know that this is happening unless a licensed plumber runs a camera line into your pipes.

Off-grade or Damaged Pipes

There are some houses outfitted with older pipes which could have been made using substandard materials, particularly if you compare these to the new ones you can find today. Damaged clay tile or cast iron can be replaced, for example, with the newer PVC. A camera inspection can prove to be very useful in finding such problems and other similar issues like bellied pipes which collect waste and paper, leaking joints, corroded pipes, and others.

A backed up or broken sewer line is always a plumbing emergency. When you notice some changes with your system, make sure to call a professional plumber that can perform a camera and video pipe inspection NYC to diagnose the problem, clean and remove obstructions, or perform the necessary repairs.

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