How to combat sleep disorder in kids?

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Sleep disorder are very common among children, especially toddlers.  Researches in sleep disorder in kids have proven that there are many underlying causes behind these disorders. The most important cause in this regard is poor physical activities among children.  The effects of lack of physical exercises are detailed below.

  • The bodies of children become weak and unhealthy.
  • They feel less enthusiastic in everyday activities.
  • Their self esteem nose dives to dangerous levels.
  • They do not feel exhausted and are not able to get sleep at night.

Research results

Scientific research has shown that there are a lot of reasons for sleep disorders found in children. It has shown that children who spend about 4-5 hours in couches develop sleep disorders faster and more easier  than children who spend only a little time before TV screens. It is considered that children in the age group of 3-8 needs at least forty two hours of sleep per week. The physical activities in the daily routine of the children play a very crucial role in developing their health and in the formation of sleep related problems in them. For example children who engage in physical activities like sports, cycling etc tends to be more energetic and strong.  It is not right to do all the exercises needed for a week in one day. It will produce only negative effects. The balance achieved in physical activities by regularly engaging in daily physical activities throughout the week will be best thing to do in this case.

What can we do?

Only thing that a parent can do to solve the problem of sleeplessness found in his child is to encourage him to engage in physical activities which can be either structured exercises or unstructured exercises. Equipment like cricket ball, bat etc for outside activity and equipment like treadmill, rings for exercise etc for inside activity can be bought and given to the child or visiting a sleep study center in germantown. He can be encouraged to use them regularly. You cannot persuade him and get him engaged in physical activities.  But if you constantly keep this idea in your mind and slowly advise your child to be active, it may make changes in habits which may lead to an active life and a life without sleep problems in the early ages of life.


Most important matter in this regard is to give the child enough time and chances to play in home. The parents can play with him or he can be allowed to play with his friends in the neighborhood. Balancing studies and play is an important task which determines the prospects of your child in future life.

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