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Choosing the Best Countertops for Your Kitchen

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A stained, sliced, scratched or rough look of countertops in your kitchen adds to hampering of the looks and appeal value. Replacing the quartz or granite countertops listed problems and ills can give your kitchen a completely new look for ages. All you need is to consider various factors such as quality, style, color, installation and maintenance and you can find the best one for you.

There are a wide range of materials available these days. People have hundreds of materials to choose from this is why they commit to confusions.

Pros of various countertops: an overview

Granite: It is s natural material which has uniqueness of its own. It has rare colors and has huge costs for veining. It is heat resistant, scratch and finish resistant.  There are polished and matte finishes available among other which you can choose.

Quartz: It looks like stone and hence needs less maintenance than any other materials. It is a mixture of resin, minerals and a hint of color. It comes in patters which resemble granite and marble.

Laminate: It is one of the inexpensive and easy to install material. It looks so well in the kitchen. An advantage being you can select from various designs and styles and get them on your stones.

Recycled Glass: This adds a contemporary look to your kitchen. These resist scratches, cuts, and even do not stain.

Soapstone: Though it is not as common as granite but it has great resistance to heat. Applying mineral oil and sanding the surface properly can help you get rid of scratches too.

Solid Surfacing: This is another great option because it has availability in variety of colors and different patterns to choose from. Its joints are invisible to a large extent and so can be used for a seamless look.

Disadvantages of Countertop Materials

Along with the advantages these materials share there are various cons of the materials too.

For Quartz and granite you need to maintain and repair the edges as they chip of very easily. It must be repaired professionally for better results. Soapstone chips off very easily. Its stains are really hard to remove. Also it is the same with marble and the limestone. For the laminate and solid surface you need a cutting board because it may scratch and cut easily; which is the only major drawback. So there are various choices kitchen countertops fabricator Chantilly you must wisely choose from.

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