How lose weight in two weeks?

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We all like to live in an ideal world where everybody is healthy and fit. It might be easy for anyone to adjust their expectation and attitude on various matters in life, but the most difficult part would be to adjust one’s own weight. We have heard stories of ambitious people who have lost a reasonable amount of weight within just two weeks time by following a healthy eating plan by doctor. It may sound as if a healthy eating plan and weight-loss are at two different ends of the world,  but over the years research and peoples experiences have helped humanity in coming up with procedures that have proven to be very efficient in losing weight.

Go slow and steady

If you follow an ordinary lifestyle and wish to lose weight without breaking your back and burning your wallet, a healthy eating diet plan is all you need. It has been noted that keeping a slow and steady pace in losing weight is the right way to go about it. A healthy eating diet plan is not prepared solely based on what is shown on a weighing scale. How much weight a body will lose varies for each individual. If you are planning on losing a large quantity of weight within two weeks time, frequent exercises along with a healthy diet by doctor leesburg needs to be followed.

Doctors suggest adopting a plan that will let a person lose up to 5 percent of that person’s body weight within two weeks. It is recommended to start with a pace of losing one or two pounds a week and keep that weight for two more weeks before shedding more weight.

Eat healthy

The formula for losing weight is very simple than anyone can imagine. Keep moving and eat healthy. Always eat to satisfy your hunger and not to satisfy your tongue. It is always recommended to follow a 1200 calorie diet where one restricts daily food intake to 1200 calories. The mantra is to take fewer calories into your body, so that it burns throughout the day. It is also important to ensure that the body gets enough nutrition so that your body doesn’t feel like it is starving. Taking very less food can also cause adverse effects like slowing down your metabolism which is a red flag while trying to lose weight. Always be careful about the food you eat not to contain much calorie than needed for one day. If any extra calories are consumed they remain unburned and turn into ugly fat later.

Count calories

A person who is knowledgeable about this matter can find out the calorie value of the food he eats through internet and try to see that it is less than the prescribed limit.  Decreasing calorie content by 500 days per day can lead to a loss of weight of one pound per week as the total calorie reduction per week in this case will be 3500 calories which is approximately equal to one pound.

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